Welcome to the Marijuana Planet Legalization Effort

This is a pro-legalization website. Neither adults nor children should be considered criminals for possession of any natural plant given to us by God.  Forbidding the use, possession, or cultivation of any natural plant is evil and violates the laws of God and humanity.  No Government should have the right to prohibit the use of a natural plant or to imprison any human being for cultivation or possession of a plant. The imprisonment and incarceration of millions of people for possession and cultivation of marijuana is an evil action against the citizens of the world and it must be stopped. Our children do not deserve to be considered criminals or felons over a plant. The legalization of cannabis hemp would be a huge stimulus to the worlds economy with over 200,000 uses for this plant. It can provide a solution to our energy crisis. We could be fueling our cars with non polluting renewable ethanol made from cannabis. How does legalization happen?  It starts with you. Time to legalize marijuana globally, country by country, state by state, & providence by providence. Stop these evil laws against Humanity, God, our children, and nature. Stop making our children criminals with these laws. Build Schools not Prisons. It is time to legalize cannabis now. 

End the Madness.