Herbal Vaporizers

Benefits of Vaporizing Herbs

Vaporization is a technique that can be used in order to avoid inhaling toxins present in marijuana smoke and other herbal smoke. Through a vaporizer, the cannabis is heated and not burnt, releasing the THC as vapor. Laboratory studies by California NORML and MAPS have shown that vaporizers can efficiently transport cannabinoids without the risk of inhaling harmful toxins. Smoke contains a ton of nasty hazardous toxins and carcinogens, like carbon monoxide, tar and other pollutants. These toxins are widely considered to be the leading cause of cigarette related cancers. Burning cannabis causes the release of these toxins as byproduct. Although studies indicate that the correlation between marijuana and cancer has not been established, it is true that marijuana smoking has resulted to an elevated risk of bronchitis and respiratory infections.
Give your poor lungs a break! Vaporize!

Vaporizing your herb is great because the vapor is 95% pure. They gently heat up your herb until the active ingredients turn into a vapor and are released, not burning the plant.

* No smoke! Vaporizing eliminates nasty hazardous toxins and carcinogens, like carbon monoxide, tar and other pollutants.

* Save money! Vaporization takes place at temperatures well below combustion. You can receive up to twice as much Cannabinoids & THC by vaporizing rather than smoking. Cannabinoids are highly combustible, and many of the delicate glandular trichomes may be destroyed when simply smoked.

* No smell. As nothing is actually burning there is very little smell involved with vaporization.

With the promise of cannabis vaporizers, users may now inhale active cannabinoids while avoiding harmful smoke toxins. THC and other medically active cannabinoids are emitted with reduced, if not totally eliminated, carcinogenic tars and noxious gases found in smoke.

Vaporize for Medical Use